Step 4

on Saturday, April 4, 2009

For all major bill paying and other financial situations, I am the go to gal. While I don't really have uninterrupted time to do these tasks, I am doing the effectively as we have never been late will any of our bills. We do not have an automatic online bill payment system but I do pay all of our bills with the exception of one online. My parents gave us an old filing cabinet with a huge dent in the top. While it's not very pretty it does work for our uses. All of our mail is filed in this cabinet. The bills to be paid have a section as well as all other paperwork. The system really needs to be revamped but that will have to wait for another time; probably this summer.

It seems so far that these steps are not really helping us. I also am not sure I'm putting enough information in my posts about them. We'll see. I shall continue and finish this program.