We're Back

on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We went out of town the last week due to a family funeral. Granted travel is not a cheap thing but S's parents were able to help a bunch. I'll continue my regularly scheduled postings as soon as possible.


Dreams and Goals

on Thursday, January 1, 2009

Using the links in the "It's Been Too Long"" post I have created this list.

Get my Master's
Pay for O's college
Big Vacation every 5 years
Small Vacations every year

Long Term Goals:
1.5 Million in each of our retirement accounts

Intermediate Goals:
Pay off debt
Buy a house
Max retirement accounts

Short Term Goals:
Increase Savings
Pay Down Debt
Start Vacation Fund

Pay Day Decisions:
Put money into savings
Make extra payment to Credit Cards

See our savings and debt section on the side for our statements.


Happy New Year!

So, it's New Year's Day. I'm not going to be updating my net worth today as it's a holiday and not all of my accounts have been updated to include the interest yet.

Everyone is making New Year's Resolutions today and I'm not different. I have been thinking about them lately and wondering what goals would be attainable this year. It has been rather difficult to say precisely how much money I want in each account by the end of the year and how much debt I want paid off. My next post will include my finance as well as personal goals for 2009!

Happy New Year to all!