Silly Me

on Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I made a mistake this month. I paid my student loan three times this month. I noticed that the electronic debit didn't come out on the scheduled day so I paid the payment for this month and the one for next month because it said $400. Then the electronic debit went through so it went through 3 times. Oops. Oh well.

It's February

on Tuesday, February 3, 2009

As I was posting earlier I realized it's February. That means it's time for a financial and sidebar update.

I have to say January was a rough month. We had to go out of town for a funeral and that caused some unexpected expenses. Invitations for the wedding went out as well and along with that came some extra guests that we are now trying to accommodate for in our wedding savings plan to pay the caterer in cash.

Here goes:
E-fund - no progress
House - no progress
M Retirement - no progress
S Retirement - no progress
O College - no progress

M Credit Card - increase $400
S Credit Card - decrease $600
M Student Loan - decrease $250
S Student Loan - no progress

Our goal for February is to not take on any new debt and work toward bringing down our balances.

Our net worth -22,844.97. We made a major payment for the wedding this month that results in a loss of over $3,000 which is the main cause for such a steep drop.

February will be better but March is going to be a doozie on the finances as all of our wedding money will taken out of our savings account to pay the final payments to the vendors. It's hard to believe the wedding is approaching so quickly. I'll keep you updated.



So much for posting more often huh. The wedding is just over six weeks away and we are busy tying up loose ends. Over at No Credit Needed there is a series of articles on getting finances and other important information in order. I will be working on that in the next few days. He should have all the articles done next Monday. When that happens, I'll work on all of them.