Tentative Budget for July

on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, we really aren't working with much money right now. We will need to dip into our Emergency Fund this month as S is out of work much longer than we thought he'd be and do not have enough to cover our car insurance. I can continue to cover all of the rest of the bills plus pay extra to his credit card as well as put a little in savings but did not save for car insurance accordingly. So, I'm going to take the money out of the E-fund so we do not have to hold it on our credit cards and replenish the E-fund as quickly as possible.

On to the budget:
Income - $1280

Reoccurring Bills (car insurance, gifts, car maintenance, etc.) - $330
M's Student Loan - $200
S's Credit Card - $255
E-fund - $25
O's Savings - $25
Travel Savings - $25
Baby Expenses - $100 (diapers, milk, etc.)
Gasoline - $140
Retirement - $50 (I know this should be more, its just slightly under 4% of my income)
Fun Money - $40
O's Gym Class - $90

So, there you have it. Our meager budget for July. I know we do not have any housing expenses right now as we are very lucky to have these paid for us but will in the near future need to start paying them ourselves and then will need to revamp the budget. At that time we will have more income and revamping the budget shouldn't take too much work.

Wish us luck!


Happy Birthday to ME!

on Monday, June 22, 2009

Today is my birthday. As a birthday present to myself I blew our June budget. Ok, I'm kidding about it being a present to myself but our June budget is pretty much toast. This also happened in May! Last week, my budgeting software crashed and we lost all of our information. This all could have been avoided if I backed it up as I should have but I didn't. I'm in the process of setting everything back up and recommiting to our budget. I will be back in posting action soon as well as tracking our spending.


Editor Note: I forgot to mention that I opened my Roth IRA yesterday!

101 Things in 1001 Days

on Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I certainly have not been keeping this updated as I should. I haven't even been working on it as I should and probably should start saving up my dollars to donate at the end. Let's start from the top and go through if the goals are achievable or not.

I'll start by saying that all of the travel that I included is not going to be possible. Yes I know I have almost three years to do it all but even in three years it will not be possible. Cape Cod, Graceland, Mark Twain House, Dude Ranch, Country Music, Football Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Liberty Bell are probably not places that I'm going to see in the next two years and six months. Everything else, should be doable. As far as travel abroad, I doubt we'll go any where besides Germany. So, Italy and France sight seeing will not get done.

Then we move into the time consuming activities. We do have an idea of when we're going to be moving to our own apartment, keep an eye out in the next six to nine months for an update on this. Pay off debt well that wasn't very specific. It does not say credit card debt it says debt so by that I assume I meant all debt and that is entirely impossible. Together, S and I, have a large sum of student loan debts as you can see from the side bar. We will not be able to pay these off in the few short years we have until this goal session is finished. I have to say that I have been doing very well with cards on holidays. We have a few friends with birthdays coming up so we need to get those cards in the mail by the end of the week. As far as the reunion party, that will have to wait. It probably will not happen in the next two and a half years.

We created a budget. We have been unsuccessful at using the budget well, we'll keep trying and by the end of the year we hope to have a good handle on this. Along with failing at budgeting, I have failed at keeping my fun money spending down to $50. Next month, this will be my number one goal, money wise. We are going to need to use half of our emergency fund savings this month but will continue to build toward our $10,000 goal starting next month.

I have been baking at least once a month so far. This is an activity I really like to do and plan to continue to do it. I also have been making larger breakfasts now that O can eat grown up food and S is home. We have not gone to church yet and so we have made no progress toward getting O baptized. We need to seriously start working on both of these things because O is now a year old. I can proudly say that we have been putting forth an effort to read a story to O each day. I tried to read a book to her each morning and S reads to her in the afternoon. Most days she gets two or three books. Her attention span isn't very long and it is difficult to get her to sit and listen to the stories. Most often we are reading to her when she is playing with something else.

S and I had a discussion about end of life paper work last week. He doesn't see the importance of having it now. I stressed that it is important and want to get working on it. This will take more convincing I'm sure but we should see progress in this area soon. The retirement account... I am going to open an IRA on June 22. It will be the day I turn 24. I'll post about that once it happens.

Oh, health and fitness, how I long for you and yet do not put forth enough effort. I am not training for any runs right now. I don't think I'll be taking dance lessions any time soon but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze something in. We tried a new burger place not that long ago. I need to update that on the side bar. I am making progress there. I have not bought soda in the past few months. I am only drinking free soda and soda when dining out. I got an amazing cookbook for Christmas two years ago. I have been adding recipes to this cookbook as it is three ring style when I try something I like. I think that counts. I am not putting forth enough effort to lose weight at this time. I have been tracking what I'm eating and will be choosing better food starting in the morning. I have not been working out. This will be a fail because I have lacked doing it for so many months already. I will need to start implementing an exercise routine though. I will update on this later as well. Even though the exercise isn't going as planned, I have been drinking my water most days. Celebrate my little accomplishment.

I'm going to end my update here. I know that's not all 101 goals. I will do another major update next month with the second half of the goal list. As you can see, overall I have not made much progress on any of these goals. I need to seriously start deciding which I need to focus my energy on first and do so.


State of the Finances

on Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here it is June already! We have three birthdays and Father's Day this month.

Emergency Fund: Last month we had $586 in there and this month we have $962. That is an increase of $376. We are working on getting to $1000 to start and eventually $10,000. I know the sidebar says $1,500 by August and we're not going to hit that goal. We're going to stop putting so much in after we reach $1,000 because I want to focus on S's credit card.

Travel Fund - We are focusing on S's credit card and the emergency fund right now. We only transfered $5 into this account this month.

I still haven't called about my retirement account. I will do this during June! I won't be able to put much into it at first but hope to be able to work up to 15% quickly.

O's Savings - We opened the account with $100.50 from her piggy bank. We are putting 75% of her birthday money into the account this month. We will use the other 25% to buy some toys. While she wouldn't know if we put it all in the account considering her age, we want to use this formula each year with her so we decided to start now.

Net worth - $25,585

We didn't acquire any more debt this month! WOOHOO!

S's credit card - We were able to put $650 toward it this month to get the balance down to $1,550. I am expecting it to take three more months to pay off completely. It is tempting to use our emergency fund to pay it off this month but won't do it in case we have an actual emergency. It is far better to have the fund to rebuild than to have more credit card debt.

The medical bills are paid off as of Monday! The check has been cashed and we are all clear of medical bills. I'm counting this as being paid in May though because I mailed the check out in May.

We are paying my student loan bills on time each month. While the balance isn't going down very quickly it is moving down. We paid off $110 this month. We have decided to pay an extra $18 per month to make the payment a nice round number. It doesn't seem like $18 would make much of a difference but using this calculator we figured out we'd have my loans paid off 9 months earlier than if we paid the minimum payments. While 9 months isn't all that significant in a ten year repayment plan it is something to look forward to. S's student loans are in deferment until December '09.

Til next time,