March State of the Finances

on Thursday, April 2, 2009

March went much better than expected. I received my federal income tax refund. This was more money than anticipated and significantly helped reduce my credit card debt. Thanks to this I should be able to pay off the credit card during the month of April. When this is completed I am going to start a savings snowball which I will explain in my next post. Hopefully, with my raise that I received on the first and the lack of wedding preparations we will be able to save more money and create a more realistic budget.

Here goes:
E-fund - increase $1.15
Travel - new category - no progress
House - no progress
M Retirement - no progress
S Retirement - no progress
O College - no progress

M Credit Card - decrease $4700
S Credit Card - increase $900
M Student Loan - decrease $130
S Student Loan - no progress