Step 22

on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today it is time for step 22. Step 22 is about reducing spending. This is probably one of the areas I need the most work in. We would have a lot more money ok not really a lot more money but at least some more money if I didn't spend frivolously.

I bring my lunch to work almost every day but still tend to stop to pick something else up at least once a week. This could stop or at least be cut down to once a month.

In the past I was saving all of the change I had after breaking a dollar. I am now spending that when I run out of dollars. I need to go back to saving the change.

The rest of the ideas on the list do not really apply to me. I wash all of my clothing and have a drying rack that I use for heavy items such as jeans and sweaters. I end up washing three loads but only having to dry one.

All of our extra money that comes in goes into our snowflake pile and transferred to savings at the end of the month. I suppose we could transfer it every time we found some money but that would prove to be difficult and most likely stop after a month. For instance, I have $30 in the budget once a week for gas but usually only need $24. I'd have to make a transfer at least every week for $6 which seems a bit unnecessary when I could just make a transfer once a month for $24. Wow, I just realized I am over budgeting this category by a whole tank of gas. I just might need to reallocate some of those funds. Then again, gas is going back up in our area so my best bet is to leave it alone, I think.