Budgeting - We'll Give It A Try

on Thursday, April 30, 2009

As I wrote about earlier this month another blogger, Gather Little By Little, issued a challenge and the G Family accepted! We have never actually lived on a budget. Yes, I have suggested spending limits in Microsoft Money but we've never actually stuck to those limits. This will be our first attempt at having an actual budget. I am hoping that this challenge is just another stepping stone in the right financial direction. I want to say thank you for issuing this challenge and I can't wait to blog about it through the month of May and beyond.


Baby: $100
Gasoline: $115
Cell Phone: $55
Reoccurring Bills: $325
Miscellaneous: $50
Student Loan: $190
S's Credit Card: $100

O: $50
Travel: $50
E-Fund: $215
Snowflake: anything left over from the other categories