Dining Out

on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have been eating out entirely too much since the wedding. I do not have an exactly number because this is money from my travel expenses from work. I do not include this money in our budget. This is my personal fun money and when it's gone, I don't have any more fun money for the rest of the month. It was also Easter this past weekend and my parents almost always give us lottery tickets. This time I won $14. As sad as it sounds, this went to dining out too.

If I figure each trip costs at least $5 and I know I've gone at least 10 times in the last month it rounds out to be about $50. Starting right now, I am going to stop eating out as frequently. I am going to limit it to twice a month and I've hit that number for April already. In fact, I've gone out 5 times since Saturday. I have plenty of food in my house so there isn't a real reason to stop for food at a fast food joint.

If I want to lose weight and gain savings, I really need to start looking at my food intake.