Lack of Posting

on Monday, May 18, 2009

I haven't been posting as much lately. I have noticed that when I post more I spend less. I'm sure this is related because as I post I feel more accountable for what I'm spending. As I'll show in about two weeks, my budget plan did not work. I have spent way more than I should in some categories. Overall, I've made more money but instead of snowflaking it away I spent it. Now is the time to turn things around. The rest of the month will be an improvement.


Pay Day

on Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today was pay day. I brought home more than expected so I have a lot of snowflakes to tack on to S's credit card payment this month. I'm pretty excited about this because the sooner we can get that paid off the sooner we can bump up the e-fund. We are hoping to have S's credit card paid off by the end of August but we'll see what happens.


Budget Update

on Monday, May 11, 2009

I am deleting this post because I haven't had a chance to work through it all just yet. I'll just do an end of the month budget recap.


An important decision

on Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yesterday, while at work I found out that a job that I want is opening up but not at the place I want it. I'd be earning about $150 more a month if I were to take the promotion. That isn't very much money considering I'd be going from four ten hour days to five eight hour days. With that I have to consider gas. This opportunity is only one mile further from my house than my current job but that means an extra 30 miles a week that I'd be driving because of the extra day. My car gets about 22 or so miles per gallon and a gallon is about $2.20 a gallon so I'd be spending an extra $3 or so a week on gas or $12 a month.

After taking this over with S and a few others I have decided to apply for it. An extra $150 a month or even an extra $135 a month after extra gas expenses is something that we can use to pay down his credit card and increase our savings.



on Saturday, May 2, 2009

It has been cold and rainy here all week. I haven't ventured out except to go to work. The weather is becoming a little bit depressing. Last weekend we had temperatures in the 90's so it was almost too hot to do anything in the middle of the day and this past week and now weekend is rainy. I hate to drag O out in the rain considering she is already sick. The weather is making me miss my family and friends upstate even though their weather is just as crumby. We are going to visit them Mother's Day weekend which is coming up quickly. Hopefully, after we go out to the store later this afternoon I'll feel a little better.


PS: S comes home in two weeks. He'll be finished with school with the exception of one class but at least he's not leaving for extended periods of time any more.

State of the Finances

on Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, well, well... another month come and gone already! Let's get to business shall we.

Savings- we did better than expected this month in our saving categories. This is partly because we deposited our wedding checks and partly because we got some good deals on baby products.

Increase of $585

Increase of $2295
This means we surpassed our goal and it's in need of revision. We are trying to save enough to go to Germany next spring so most of our wedding money went into this account. We are unsure of how much we'll need to get the three of us to Germany and to sight see but we are thinking our goal should be $5,000. If we spent it all that's fine and if we come home with some that's even better.

Again, we haven't touched retirement. I am going to call about setting up a retirement account through work sometime this month. I'm pretty sure I have to be there ten months before I can do this and I'm fast approaching the ten month mark.

We have a very stuffed piggy bank right now for our little O. When S finishes college we are going to open a savings account for her and deposit this month. This will be done this month so we'll have someone to show in O's account next month.

Our net worth, went down by $3,375. I am very disappointed. S had to take on another student loan to finish up college. He should not need any more loans and we're working on paying his credit card off so I hope to see a big change in the right direction next month.

Debts- We acquired more debt this month. I'm disappointed by this. The student loan debt was necessary but S added a little to his credit card debt which was not necessary. I can only say, we are starting a budgeting challenge today and hopefully that will allow us to free up some money to throw toward S's credit card to get that balance down and eventually gone.

We will have better things to report next month.