Step 23

on Sunday, April 26, 2009

Step 23 has to do with grocery shopping. I am not the main grocery shopper in our house. This does not really apply to me. I do buy a few things and when I do I use coupons and shop deals. I do plan on using menu planning and shopping deals along with my coupons when we move out as well.

Step 24 deals with sharing a tip. I have been trying to share tips on here with things that work for us. I hope this counts as working on this step.

Step 25 deals with adjusting spending habits. I am going to create an all new budget for the challenge in the previous post that starts on Friday.

Step 26 deals with insurance check-ups. S and I really need to have a long discussion about this once he arrives home. This step is not completed and will not be completed for at least another month. I am going to bookmark it and keep it safe for a little while longer.