Final Steps

on Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today is the last day of April and I'm winding up my Steps from Financial Literacy Month.

Step 27 is about the cost of credit. We thankfully are down to on S's credit card and our student loans. After my experience with my first and second runs with a decent amount of credit card debt I doubt we'll be doing that again. Once S's credit card is paid off we'll only use the cards if we can pay them off each month.

Step 28 talks about assembling a team for financial planning. I will admit we are in need of a lawyer. We need wills and health care proxy forms. We will be getting on top of this during the summer months.

Step 29 and Step 30 deal with the benefits of having a financial plan and feelings about having one. I can only speak for myself but I will say that I feel much better when I don't have credit card debt hanging over my head. I also feel better when we have a budget in place. I seriously need to do an overhaul of our budget tonight because our 30 Day Budget Challenge starts tomorrow and I was paid today. How fitting! After working through this plan I feel like I have a better handle on some areas and there are some areas that S and I need to work on. We will continue to work on our finances as best we can.

I am really glad I was able to take part in this.