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on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SFFD Ambulance
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O had her first emergency room visit today. My poor little pumpkin got a cut on the top of her head and in true daddy fashion my husband freaked out. He wanted to call an ambulance but I just laughed a little and agreed to drive her to the ER after looking at her head. It was a very tiny cut but if you've seen a head cut you'd know they bleed a ridiculous amount.

I have never been more impressed with an ER staff or visit before. We have a Peds ER as well as a grown up ER, in the same building, but because the Peds ER wasn't open (yes, the ER closes) the intake nurse called the grown up doctor and we were taken in immediately even after the nurse said the cut wasn't anything we should be worried about. She was checked out by a student doctor and then the overseeing doctor. Another nurse came and gave her all the juice she could ever want. (Little did that nurse know, such a great amount of juice in my toddler causes massive explosions) The registration clerk came to visit us while we were in our curtained room to take our insurance information so we didn't have to wait when we were finished. Within 10 minutes the discharge nurse came and we were on our way home. The whole experience from walking into the ER to walking out was about 50 minutes.


PS: The cut was not even a cm and didn't require any staples or stitches. She never lost consciousness or even showed any signs of a concussion. The doctor advised against a CT scan.