Happy New Year!

on Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year 2010 #2
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Happy New Year! With the new year comes reflection and creating of new goals. In looking at the goals in the sidebar we have failed and it was a big time fail. We have failed on almost all of the goals posted there. A lot has happened in 2009, including getting married, our baby turning one, S dropping out of college, gifting an awesome knitted bag among others. I have created some new goals and hopefully 2010 will be a more successful year. We are looking forward to a lot of big events this year. We are going to Germany in May, we'll be turning 25 this summer, our baby will be turning 2 and hopefully we'll find new/better jobs.

S has decided not to set any resolutions for himself this year and just go with the flow. He is actively looking for a new job and is hopeful that he'll find one early this year. He is currently working nights and wants to switch to days with similar pay which will require switching companies.

I on the other hand have few personal goals that I want to achieve. I want to learn to make different types of bread using yeast, gift more knitted items, lose at least 15 pounds, use the Wii more often, find a new job or obtain a promotion and blog much much more. I know these are not concrete obtainable goals but I will flesh them out more this upcoming week.

Financially, we're still going over our budgeting fails and successes from the past year. We are creating a plan that will have 2010 be much more successful than 2009 was for us money wise.