Grocery Shopping!

on Monday, January 11, 2010

We're on a challenge! While we aren't going as drastic as Crystal, Jessica and Erin among others but we are attempting to clear out some of our older pantry items and cut our current spending by about 1/2 for the month of January. We have noticed that we haven't stuck to our $50 to $60 food/household budget yet since moving. We are closer to the $90-$100 range. Some might consider the amount we are budgeting is too low if we keep going over but I know that's not the case. I know I keep throwing things in the cart that we don't need (soft drinks) and probably won't eat before they go bad (broccoli).

So, I have set a goal of 1/2 our alloted food budget for the month of January ($100) and then ease us back up to the whole food budget for February ($200) in the hopes that I won't go back to my old ways (almost $400).

Thus far, we've done well. The first week we spent $18 which was mostly on yogurt and a few fresh items. Today, I spent just over $30. I also bought a lamp and a swiffer today which are not included in that but all other household products have been included this month (soap, shampoo etc.). Next week is going to be tough, I think we'll need yogurt and diapers. If anyone knows us they know that yogurt should have it's own line in the budget.

Hopefully, this trend will continue through the month and on into the rest of the year!