My Goals for the New Year

on Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everyone needs to set some sort of goals for themselves, I am convinced of this. From working in a field I do I know how important believing you will reach your goals is. Last year, as I have pointed out earlier we (S and I) failed on many of our financial goals. We are recommitted to achieve our revised goals financially but I also set some personal goals that I didn't reach last year.

Goal #1 - Learn to make at least three types of yeast breads. I attempted this on Friday night. I figured it was the start of the new year why not get going on one of my goals. My first attempt was a total fail. I probably could have saved it if I just added more water but threw my floury mess into the trash. My second attempt while not a fail was not exactly success either. I was attempting to make a loaf of white sandwich bread but ended up with something closely resembling ciabatta bread. So, it was edible but not the results I was looking for. I will be trying this again soon. I am probably most excited about this goal because it is something I've never attempted before.

Goal #2 - Gift at least five knitted items. Last year, for Christmas, I made my brother's girlfriend a knitted bag and back in my early years of college I gifted some scarves to my cousins. Other than that, I've never gifted any of my knitted items because I have been afraid to do so. I never thought they were good enough to gift to friends or family but after the knitted bag I have a renewed confidence in my knitting abilities and want to start using my stash and give away some items. I have yarn picked out for a baby blanket for one of my friends. I don't know if I'll have enough time to finish it before the baby is born but I'm up for the challenge.

Goal #3 - Lose 15 pounds. This is pretty straight forward. S is also going to try to lose a little weight. We weighed in last Monday and will continue to do so each Monday until we reach our goals. Tomorrow is our first official weigh in since our initial weigh in. I'm a little nervous!

Goal #4 - Get a promotion or a new job. I could have obtained this one last year but did not take the promotion I was offered. We'll see where this one goes this year. I'm hoping to have it obtained by June.

Goal #5 - Blog more. My plan is for at least three posts a week or approximately every other day. Topics will continue to include my finances and tot school and some new content will be tracking the above goals, meal planning and anything else I feel like blogging about.

There you have it! Those are my New Year, New Me goals. We are also starting a new decade this year. I can't wait to see all the changes it brings along with it.