on Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh how I love knitting! I have a massive collection of cheapy yarn and would really like to start buying some fancier stuff. If money was not an issue I'd have so much more neat stuff for my hobby. I have three works in progress (WIP) which is something I normally hate because I can't seem to finish any of them in a timely manner. I'm a very slow knitter and when I have more than one project going I tend to get a little overwhelmed. I'm working on two patterns from Lion Brand both using Homespun yarn. I'm also working on a suprise project which is half Lion Brand and half Sensations but not in those colors.

I taught myself how to knit when I was in high school I believe. It was either high school or my early years of college, either way about five or so years ago. I know I have written about it before but I'd like to start keeping better track of my projects and if I post on here hopefully I'll be able to post more finished items.