Tot School Delay!

on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tot School
We were supposed to start Tot School this week. We are both very sick with massive sinus infections. My poor kiddo can hardly breath and I don't want to pick my head up off the table. I can only imagine how she is feeling because she is unable to vocalize her symptoms and I'm a whining wreck. I'm sure that everyone that tries to home school runs into these issues. We will have to see if we are feeling better within the next few days. If so, we'll start and if not, we might need to delay a week. It seems like I keep delaying this and might make you wonder how committed I am. I want to be honest in saying I'm so excited to do this with O but it seems we keep running into road blocks. She is just about 16 months old so she is still young for formalized learning which makes delaying tot school a little less of a bummer for me. Hopefully, we'll be feeling better quickly and can finally do some of the tot school activities I have planned.