Have you ever wondered...

on Friday, September 18, 2009

about the person that had your phone number before you? Today, I received two phone calls for a woman named Judy. I've had my phone number for over a year and I also know that the college student that had my phone number before me was not named Judy. I only know this because when I first was given this number I receive a lot of phone calls for Jenn about school projects. The calls for Judy had me wondering on my three hour car ride about her and the man that was trying to get in touch with her. Was this Judy's number at one time? If so, how long ago could it have since at least one other person had the number before me that was not Judy? If this was an important person in Judy's life shouldn't she have given him her new phone number? If not, why is this man trying to get in touch with her now after years?

Then again it is completely possible he just misdialed twice.