This Weekend!

on Monday, September 14, 2009


The Orchard II
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We had an eventful weekend to say the least. It started Thursday for me because I took the day off from work. Thursday was our four year dating anniversary so we went out to dinner. We brought our little pumpkin along to The Curry Club which is just as it sounds, a restaurant that specializes in curried foods. I was a bit nervous doing this as O has never had curry before and is working her way out of an eating pattern similar to a food jag but not as severe. She has been subsisting on bread, milk and the occasional watermelon. As per usual O behavior, she surprised me. She had curried goat and not only did she eat it but ate it at such a rapid pace I could not cut it fast enough.


Friday was uneventful actually. We drove three hours upstate to visit with my parents. We stayed at my parents' house with my brother and his girlfriend. When we got to my parents' house we found out that my mom was given of her friend's share of the local CSA. My mom was uninterested in much of the vegetables and so I was able to bring them home with me. She gave us 4 peppers, 1 head of lettuce, 1 quart of green beans, 3 quarts of small tomatoes, 5 large tomatoes, a handful of basil and a handful of another leafy green I've never heard of. The CSA also included a broccoli and a cantaloupe which my parents kept. I feel like I'm forgetting something else, either way it was all free to me which is awesome! My brother just bought Rock Band and we spent most of the evening playing after O went to sleep.


We went to a graduation party. I've been to many parties at my best friends' house but S and O never have. O came for a short while before the crowd became a little out of control and my parents took her home to go to sleep. The party turned into a large drunken mob after dark and I was ready to leave. We hung around for cake but I was really ready to leave by that time and took my cake for the road.


Sunday was the best day of all the days on my long weekend. Well, minus when I found out my car needed a small repair. However, my stepfather was able to do this free of charge! WOOHOO! S, O and I went to the local orchard and picked a lot of fruits and a few vegetables. We ended up spending $56 which is more than we intended but are very happy with the results. We picked apples first. O seemed to pick up more rotten ones off the ground than ripe ones off the low branches of the trees. It was her first time and she's only 15 months old so she's forgiven this time but next year she better pull it together. I'm only kidding. She had a huge smile for the first hour or so. Next, we picked raspberries. I was nervous about bringing O into the raspberry patch because of the thorns but she carried the basket for Mommy smoshing one handful at a time. We loaded O back into the car to drive to a different spot in the orchard and she fell asleep. One of us sat in the car and the other picked the fruits and vegetables for the rest of the time at the orchard. S and I were shocked when we weighed the produce. We had no idea how much we actually picked.

Stay tooned post to follow with the totals of our trip and what we've made so far!