Our Harvest

on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm disappointed that I didn't take a picture of all of this fruit when we got home from the orchard. I think it would have been a great picture to have for memory sake. I did not weigh the items that were given to us so I can't honestly say how much we got from the CSA but I did weigh all of the produce we picked at the farm.

The Totals:
Plums: 3.5 pounds
Green Beans: 3.2 pounds
Strawberries: .5 pounds
Raspberries: 3.8 pounds
Red Peppers: 5.7 pounds
and for the big finale
Apples: 43 pounds!

So far we've made:
1 loaf of Apple Bread
17 Raspberry/Apple Muffins
5 pints of Raspberry Jam
4 pints of Applesauce and
3 pints of Apple Butter

And there is more to come... (with pictures)