A little late!

on Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tot School
This week I trying to assess O to see what she needs to work on most. She is beginning to learn her colors but each week it seems she picks a color and then everything is that color. This week everything is blue. The conversation goes a little something like this:
Mommy: "What color is this?" (a red ball)
O: "Blue"
Mommy: "No, it's a red ball"
Mommy: "How about this one? What color is this ball?" (green)
O: "Blue ball"
Mommy: "No, it's green"
O: "Green"
Mommy: "Yes, green"
O: "Blue ball" (handing me a yellow ball)
Last week everything was yellow. She meeting and suprassing the doctor's expectations in physical development. I will continue to assess her as best I can this week and next week we'll start with our themes.