We're Moving!

on Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On Sunday! This explains the lack of postings and lack of state of the finances update. We'll be skipping the finances this month and begin again in December with an awful drop in net worth. We spend more than we would have liked buying things to set up our new place. I'm disappointed but also not at the same time because much of the stuff that we bought is good quality and will last a long while. We could have saved here and there on some things but had to replace them much sooner which would most likely cost us more in the long run. I'll give you some rough numbers: We spent about $300 on household items such as dishes, pots/pans, towels, rugs, appliances and so forth. We spent $75 on setting up the pantry so far. We fully intend on spending a large chunk (over $100) either Sunday or Monday when we go shopping and after that we are down to a much smaller weekly grocery budget. We are also renting a moving van to move items from my parents house about 190 miles away to our apartment. This will cost just over $100. Moving sure is expensive especially when it is your first actual apartment.