New Home!

on Monday, November 16, 2009

We're in our new place... almost. Physically just about everything is in the apartment. We have a few straggling boxes at S's parents' house. Only 70% or so is put away which is a good deal but we are very busy during the week and were hoping to get more done this past weekend.

All of our groceries are put away and we are accessing what we still need to fully stock our pantry and freezer on items we like to keep in the house. I went shopping late last night which is the worst time to go because the shelves are almost empty. The store had none of the cheeses I wanted luckily I was able to get rain checks so I'll pick those up later in the week. S is washing all of our dishes today and after that the kitchen will be fully set up. We need to finish the living room. We have the TV, sofa, rocking chair and VCR in place but still need to hook up the DVD player, radio and Wii.

I did the laundry before we moved but never put it into drawers so that needs to be done pretty quickly before it starts getting mixed in with the dirty stuff and I have to wash everything over again. Possibly tomorrow morning. Things are moving into place quickly which is the way I like it because when they are out of order I tend to become a basket case.