Turning 25

on Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm closing in on the big 25 very quickly now. I'm not really sure how I'm handling it. Some days it doesn't seem to matter and it is just an age but then other days it feels more like a rite of passage. I'm married, I have a child, I have a career and we have an apartment. What more should I want from 25?

Turning 25 to me means that you can no longer act childish or like a young adult.  Then again, I never really did.  I didn't party too much in high school or college.  I never dressed provocatively or tried drugs.  I'm not really sure what behaviors I have that are childish and I need to stop.  My appearance does have a bit of a childish way about it.  I usually dress like a little kid in t's and jeans all the time with some worn sneakers.  Perhaps, I could add some more blouses.  It means I need to be come a healthier mommy so my daughter has a good role model. While those two things should not happen because I'm turning 25 but to me 25 can be a beginning of a whole new chapter.  A new stage in the journey of life.

When I was younger, I had this time line planned out for my life.  I'm coming to realize in the past year that things do not always turn out as planned and although my life is not what I had wished for when I was younger, it's a damn good life.  With the exception of home ownership and becoming a doctor, I have accomplished most everything on the time line just not in the order it was planned.

Here's to 25 and all the possibilities it will bring!