Welcome to June

on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June is a busy month for our family.  We have two birthdays (my 25th and O's 2nd), Father's Day, numerous friends' birthdays and a multitude of other weekend summer events. 

We have been fumbling around with Tot school for a few months now but starting Monday (I know not June but close enough) we have a plan and are actually doing schoolish activities.  This week we are working on upper case A.  In all honesty, she can identify most of her upper case letters.  I feel it will be a good review for her to work through them one at a time before moving on to more challenging subjects as she's still very young.  We are throwing in some color and shape work as well but not primarily working on those.  A lot of the activities are based on improving her fine motor skills.  Updates will be coming soon!

June also signifies the growing season here in New York.  We planted two tomato plants and two pepper plants in containers and  we have one strawberry plant over at S's parents' house.  So far, our harvest is one strawberry.  Our biggest tomato plant has at least seven flowers and the smaller one has about five.  Our peppers look like they are about to flower.  My parents have a large garden with many different types of veggies.  We are looking forward to jarring some of them.  Also, we are hoping to repeat our apple and raspberry picking experience last year and make jams with those too  Yummy!  We are going to try to look for other farms to pick from too so we can get more variety.  This may turn out to be a very productive summer.