An important decision

on Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yesterday, while at work I found out that a job that I want is opening up but not at the place I want it. I'd be earning about $150 more a month if I were to take the promotion. That isn't very much money considering I'd be going from four ten hour days to five eight hour days. With that I have to consider gas. This opportunity is only one mile further from my house than my current job but that means an extra 30 miles a week that I'd be driving because of the extra day. My car gets about 22 or so miles per gallon and a gallon is about $2.20 a gallon so I'd be spending an extra $3 or so a week on gas or $12 a month.

After taking this over with S and a few others I have decided to apply for it. An extra $150 a month or even an extra $135 a month after extra gas expenses is something that we can use to pay down his credit card and increase our savings.