More Background

on Sunday, November 30, 2008

S came from a two parent family. Only one parent worked. He has two brothers, both older. His parents always had just enough money to keep the bills paid and still take family trips. They never had the newest fashions, toys or best vacations but all of the boys turned out well. His father paid for most of his college so he has minimal student loan debt. His parents never wanted him to work while going to school and paid for everything he needed.

M came from a single parent family with her mother's live in boyfriend. She has two brothers, both younger. Both parents worked. Her mother was a compulsive spender. Her mother bought the latest everything and M came home to find the electric shut off more than once. Her mother also has a drug problem that cost the family thousands over the years. M paid for college for which she has a decent amount of student loan debt. M has loaned her mother a lot of money once she had a job. Now, she knows she will never see that money again and has promised to S that she will not give her mother any more money.

Together, M and S vow to learn from her parents mistakes and his parents good practices to create a financially stable world for little O.