About Us

on Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello All!

We're a 20-something couple living on Long Island trying to plan a wedding, raise our daughter, get a handle on our finances and love life.

A little background:
M just started working as a counselor. Not the most well paying job out there but at least it's something to pay the bills and she enjoys it most days. S is finishing his last year of college and working part-time. O spends all day with Grandma J so her parents do not have to pay childcare costs.

Together we have approximately $7,500 in credit card debt and $30,000 in student loans. We know its not the best way to start our life together but we're working actively to get both of these paid off as soon as possible. We'll get to that more later.

We're also trying to beef up our E-fund and start a home down payment fund. We're also trying to work on a budget that we'll actually stick with. Expect most posts to be about finance with a little parenting and daily life thrown in for fun. M is currently in the process of getting all our financial paper work together in one place. Her parents generously donated a gently (smashed in top) filing cabinet to the cause. All posts will be written by M unless otherwise specified but S doesn't plan on taking a hands on approach with this blog.

See yah soon with more info on our current financial situation.