Obesity and Child Abuse

on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obesity and Child Abuse seems to be the new it thing. Is it or isn't it child abuse is the question? I have to say I can see both sides. I can understand state officials saying if your child is significantly overweight or obese then the parents are not correctly providing for their child's needs. No one gets that overweight without having the ability to access excess food. However, I can also understand that some areas are lacking a proper nutritional education. I was in shock when I ready the article though. The article points to a case I feel is child abuse; but, taking the child away from the parent and jailing the parent is not the outcome I'd like to see in a situation such as this. I think that both the parent/s and child should be required to take mandatory nutrition classes. One might ask how will they pay for such a thing? I would suggest their county health department probably offers informational nights or could point them in the correct direction. I would also like the child to be seen by a nutritionist to create a nutrition plan that the court orders the child follow and to report for weigh-ins often. The parent and child would have to participate in this program for a stated amount of time and if significant changes are not made then more severe consequences should be explored. This would be an expensive solution for the county they live in but would save many dollars in health care later on, which in my opinion makes it worth it.


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