Tentative Budget for July

on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, we really aren't working with much money right now. We will need to dip into our Emergency Fund this month as S is out of work much longer than we thought he'd be and do not have enough to cover our car insurance. I can continue to cover all of the rest of the bills plus pay extra to his credit card as well as put a little in savings but did not save for car insurance accordingly. So, I'm going to take the money out of the E-fund so we do not have to hold it on our credit cards and replenish the E-fund as quickly as possible.

On to the budget:
Income - $1280

Reoccurring Bills (car insurance, gifts, car maintenance, etc.) - $330
M's Student Loan - $200
S's Credit Card - $255
E-fund - $25
O's Savings - $25
Travel Savings - $25
Baby Expenses - $100 (diapers, milk, etc.)
Gasoline - $140
Retirement - $50 (I know this should be more, its just slightly under 4% of my income)
Fun Money - $40
O's Gym Class - $90

So, there you have it. Our meager budget for July. I know we do not have any housing expenses right now as we are very lucky to have these paid for us but will in the near future need to start paying them ourselves and then will need to revamp the budget. At that time we will have more income and revamping the budget shouldn't take too much work.

Wish us luck!